The Pioneer RMX1000 is an all in one effects unit. live remixer and midi controller. The RMX settings can be customised using the included RemixBox software. You can even take your custom settings to use on another RMX1000 using an SD card.

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Main specifications – RMX-1000
nInputs RCA x 1 6.3 mm jack x 1
nOutputs RCA x 1 6.3 mm jack x 1
nOther ports USB B port x 1
nSampling rate 48 kHz
nA/D and D/A converter 24 bit
nFrequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
nTotal harmonic distortion Max. 0.005%
nS/N ratio 102 dB
nHead room 20 dB
nSoftware remixboxTM, RMX-1000 Plug-in
nExternal dimensions
n(W x D x H) 334 x 157 x 57 mm
nMass 1.3 kg


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